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Top 8 Fake Relationships turned to Love Rom-Com movies

Fake Relationships turned to Love? Kinda interesting isn’t it? Some romantic comedy movies show this kinda genre which isn’t bad at all. It’s sometimes you fell in love with that person while you’re pretending in a relationship. These 8 are the best and perfect movies show that fake dating lets them actually fall in love.  Have you ever been on this situation? O_o? Ok let’s look at the movies, shall we?

8. We're the Millers (2013)

It’s actually a really funny one. Jennifer Aniston as Rose and Jason Sudeikis as David Clark go to Mexico and smuggle the drugs as a fake family. Rose is a striper and David is a drug dealer and they ae both neighbors when they need money so desperately, they are both agreed to go to Mexico to smuggle drugs with their fake children Casey and Kenny. During the traveling through some adventures, they found out they have actual feelings for each other.  Check that out if you need a funny adventure kind of movie.

7. The Perfect Date (2019)

It’s a Netflix Original movie starring Noah Centineo and Laura Marano. Noah as Brooks Rattigan who takes out Celia Lieberman to her school as her date for money. He’s actually good at it. Then she tells him the idea of fake dating to make money. He wants to study at Yale but couldn’t afford it so he starts an app called stand-in where he acts as a fake date for money, not so romantic isn’t it. Then this plan completely changed when he falls in love with Celia Lieberman. Sounds boring? but the movie is actually good. It’s available on Netflix so go watch it!

6. She's all that (1999)

Zack Siler is a popular guy in school who gets dumped by his girlfriend. And the prom’s on the way so he makes a bet with his friend that he’ll turn Lany, a geek student to prom queen. She’s kinda tough for him to handle but somehow he manage her to look way prettier than before. And one thing, he didn’t know is that he’s actually falling for her. She will after find out that she’s a bet but Zack’s actually in love with her so at prom, they both get together after the fight cause she’s also in love.

5. The Decoy Bride (2011)

On a remote Scottish island of Hegg, James Arber and Lara Tyler are planning to get married to avoid media and people because they’re famous. But Katie is a native of Hegg and only unmarried woman on Hegg. She will then hired to be a decoy bride to distract the Paparazzi. But somehow Katie and James end up getting married but Lara then hides in a place where she thought of avoiding the crowd. As the movie goes on James eventually fall in love with Katie.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

Benjamin, who has the challenge of making a woman fall in love with him. Where on the other hand Andie Anderson is writing an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. But the funny part is, they met one another. They both try to win their challenge but actually during that process there develop a love between them.

3. Just Go With It (2011)

Danny (Adam Sandler) who pretends to be married to get with girls. But when he meets his dream girl, she found out the wedding ring but he tells her he’s getting a divorce and She (Brooklyn Decker) wants to meet her. Danny then asks his assistant Kathrine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend like they’re married. Then they go on a trip to Hawaii when he falls in love with his assistant Kathrine instead of his dream girl.

2. The Proposal (2009)

Margot (Sandra Bullock) has problems with deportation to Canada so she chooses to marry her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds).  He somehow agrees to that and they go to Alaska to meet Andrew’s parents, where they act as a couple. Then they kissed in front of everybody and there developed a love between them. Voilà!

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

Lara Jean is a shy teenage girl, who writes five letters to her crush but never sends it to them.  Until one day the letters are out. One of them is Peter who comes to discuss about it where Lara kisses his to cover up the letter for Josh, who is a boyfriend of her sister. Then they both pretend to be in a relationship cause Peter has problems with his ex-girlfriend. While pretending as a boyfriend and girlfriend, they ended up falling in love with each other! 

If some movies are not available in your region, try to check out YouTube movies, most of the movies are available here too. Amazon Prime has more movies to watch in an effective way. 

That’s it, guys! Hope you all find it helpful. Go watch them if you haven’t. We included a detailed video of Fake relationship to Love video too. Cheers! Love You!!

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