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Top 5 Romance Movies of 2019

2019 is not that bad for romance movies! Here are the best 5 romance movies of 2019 so far. Some of them are sad and some of them are romcoms so it’s kind of mixed romance movies. if you skipped one of these movies in 2019, it’s time to watch it!

5. Plus One

It’s a pretty good rom-com in 2019. Alice and Ben are best friends for a long time and they both are single. And they don’t wanna go to weddings by themselves, instead, they agreed to go to weddings together as friends. After some time, things change right? They didn’t know that they had feelings for each other, they figured it out in the process! P.S it’s definitely a funny movie of 2019 so far.

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4. Long Shot

It’s the second rom-com on this list. Here, Fred is a writer and Charlotte is going to be the next president of the United States. Charlotte used to babysit for Fred in her childhood. They meet each other after a long time at a party and they catch up with current events. After this, Fred gets fired and he joins Charlotte to be her writer and things get fired up by getting to know each other! And they fall in love OBVIOUSLY! Lol.

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3. After

Tessa is so good at her studies and she’s in love with her high school boyfriend Noah and blah blah. But everything changes after she goes to college where she meets Hardin and his friends. She falls for him and finds out that she was played by Hardin and his friends but what she didn’t know is that Hardin actually falls for her!

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2. Last Christmas

Universal Studios

Everything sucks for Kate. During the Christmas season, Kate works at a gift shop but still her life is miserable. One day she meets handsome Tom who changes her life completely. This movie is about life and romance and heartbreaks. At the end of the movie, there’s a huge twist awaits!

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1. Five Feet Apart

CBS Films

Stella is a cystic fibrosis patient so she spends most of her time in hospital. She has a lot of boundaries due to her illness and one day she meets a young boy named Will who also has the same illness. They instantly have that connection but under some restrictions, they must maintain 6 feet distance between them. How can you not touch the ones we love?

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