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Top 5 Romance Movies of 2018

2018 is a pretty good year for romance movies and romantic comedies too! Here I mentioned the 5 best romance movies of 2018. If you’ve forgotten to watch some of these movies in 2018, it’s time to watch it. So what are we waiting for? let’s have a look O_o!

5. Adrift


This one is based on a real story where Tami and Richard meet each other and they fall in love of course! They go sailing where there’s a huge hurricane happens, after that storm passes, Richard is heavily injured and Tami somehow survived but the boat didn’t. The real question is how are they gonna sail to the ground? will they make it? if I tell you, I’d spoil the whole movie so why don’t you find out!

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4. Forever My Girl


Forever My Girl! I love this film. Liam Page is a country music superstar who left Josie on the day of their marriage because he thought he couldn’t handle a wife with all of his music and all. But he couldn’t get over her either. She is his love of his love and one day he comes back to his home town because his best friend from high school passed away. On his return to his hometown, he has to face Josie and his own father, and the whole town. The biggest twist is that he has a daughter who he didn’t know earlier! Things go crazy and Liam and Josie and their daughter Billy! Oops! did I say too much? I could write about it so much but it’ll spoiler the movie so watch the movie and find out the rest!

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3. Everyday

Rihannon falls for a mysterious spirit called ‘A’. A inhabits different bodies every day but with the same age. A and Rihannon find a connection between them and they try to meet every day and try to make things work and after that reality kicks in. A has to make some hard decisions after that!

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2. A Star is Born

Warner Bros.

Jackson Maine, a musician who randomly goes to a bar and see Ally’s performance and falls in love with her. She’s a good singer but she’s about to give up on her dream to be a musician but Jack helps her to be famous. Ally’s been doing good but the relationship between Ally and Jackson goes down. You have to guess the end 🙂

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1. Midnight Sun

Open Road Films

Katie has a severe sensitivity to sunlight which is caused by a rare genetic condition. She doesn’t go out during the day, she got her father and her friend Morgan to keep her company. She goes out every night and returns home before sunrise. One day while she plays her guitar, she meets her crush Charlie and he asked her out. Then they go out during the night and Katie tries to hide her condition from him. Then they figure out and take decisions as lovers do. 

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