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Top 5 Romance Movies of 2017

Well, 2017 romance movies are not much but they’re worth watching. If you’ve missed any of the romance movies in 2017 then you should watch them now if you want to, lol. Let’s have a look at the best 5 romance movies of 2017, shall we?

5. Breathe

Bleecker Street

Based on a ture story of Robin who have shorter time to live and stays only in bed. With the help of his beautiful wife Diana, and the invention of Hall, Robin try to live his rest of his life instead of surviving!

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4. Everything Everything

Warner Bros. Films

Here Maddy can’t leave her house because of her illness and she’s never been anywhere outside. When she’s 18, she meets Olly and he’s the next-door neighbor and he tries everything to be with her even if they have to risk everything!

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3. Beauty and the Beast

Walt Disney Studios

The beast is actually a prince who’s arrogant and he has to stay a beast until he finds true love. One day, he captures a thief and then Belle shows up to rescue her father and replaced for her father who’s been captured by the beast. Belle then sees the sensitive, kind version of the best with the help of the enchanted servants. Rest is already you know I guess or watch the film and find out!

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2. Call Me By Your Name

Sony Pictures

In summer of 1973, in Italy, Elio meets Oliver who’s working s an intern for Elio’s father. Elio spends some time with Oliver and they had something between them which lead to love. And don’t forget to watch the end. It’s really not happy.

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1. The Big Sick

Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) is a Pakistani who meets Emily (Zoe Kazan) in one of his comedy shows. Then they start to date and their relationship grows. On the other hand, Kumail’s traditional Pakistani Muslim parents searching for a girl for Kumail for an arranged marriage. Kumail starts to worry about what will his parents think of Emily. One day Emily gets ill and goes to a medically induced coma. Kumail goes to see here where he bonds up with her parents. And spoiler alert, she’ll be alright!

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