Top 5 Netflix Rom-coms of 2020 [Quarantine list]

Top 5 Netflix Rom-coms of 2020 [Quarantine list]

Well, Netflix is making some good quality shows and good movies too. We believe most of you have a subscription on Netflix. So we thought why don’t we make a list out of the 2020 best romance movies by Netflix? Well here’s the 5 movies we think are the best fo for in 2020. Netflix and chill? Here’s the list 😉

5. Isi and Ossi

Isi is a Billionaire’s daughter who wants to pursue her dreams to be a chef at NY but of course, her parents don’t exactly like her plan. So she met a guy named Ossi, who’s a boxer and have a single mom and a cool grandpa. Isi wants Ossi to act like they’re dating in front of her parents. Ossi did it for some money in return. What they both didn’t plan is falling in love. P.S it’s a German movie so watch it with English voiceover or Subtitles.

4. Rich in Love (Ricos de Amor)

Teto is a rich kid who has everything. One day he meets a girl, Paula and he falls for her, But he doesn’t wanna tell her that he’s rich so he tells her he’s poor. This single lie makes him lie to her so many times but Love solves everything. This Movie is in Portuguese so watch it with English subtitles.

3. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Lara Jean and Peter are officially together after the first part of To All the Boys series. When John Ambrose from her old love letter crush shows up, things start to mess up. But finally, she’ll figure out who she really loves. Interesting isn’t it? go watch it 🙂

2. The Half of It

Ellie Chu, a shy girl who writes essays for money and she agrees to write a letter about love for a guy in school, everything changes. Ellie Chu finds out that she and Aster have more in common. Then things get complicated afterwards.

1. All the Bright Places

Theodore Finch and Violet Markey have their own problems and when they meet each other, there’s a chemistry between them. When Finch convinces her to take her to more places, she falls in love with him. Kinda tricky but a great one!

All the movies are available on Netflix. And we included our YouTube video too! Go watch it!