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Top 20 Best Romantic Comedies with a Happy Ending

Everyone loves a happy ending, right? Well, here in this video, I listed some of the best romantic comedies with a very good happy ending. I bet a million dollars that you’ll love this list. And I listed the movies with a little bit of explanation without spoiling much so let’s have a look at the list, shall we?

20. Just Go With It

 This movie is about a guy who pretends to be married but when he found the one, he has to make lies about his nonexistent wife. So he asks for help from his assistant which creates more serious problems.

19. Definitely, Maybe

Will explains his past love life to his daughter Maya by changing the name of the girls he’s been with. Now Maya has to find out who her mother is and who Will really loves the most.

18. Love, Simon

This movie is a coming-of-age story of a boy, Simon who hasn’t told his family or friends that he’s gay. And also Simon has a crush named blue whom he fell for, by emails. The thing is that he has no idea who Blue is.

17. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Andie Anderson has to write an article about “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. At the same time, Benjamin bets that he can make any women fall in love with him in 10 days. But the thing is that they both meet and their plans backfire.

16. Love Actually

This movie has like 10 love stories in it which will teach you about the different aspects of love. And this film mostly filmed in London at Christmas time. I bet you’ll love this one! It is one of the movies where you’ll understand every kind of love. The only thing you have to know is that “Love is All Around”

15. Crazy, Stupid, Love

This movie is about a 40-year-old man, who is going through a divorce. And when he meets Jacob, who has a master’s degree in flirting, his life changes dramatically into something he never expected. But the question is, how long can these two stay like this?

14. Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu and Nick are happily in a relationship in New York. But when Nick asks Rachel to come to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, Rachel finds out that Nick is one of the wealthiest people in Singapore. Now she has to face a lot of difficulties to be with him.

13. Flipped

It’s an 8th grader love story guys. Juli fell in love when she meets Bryce for the first time in 2nd grade. But Bryce doesn’t feel the same way in 2nd grade. But the question is that Will he able to resist her love for 6 years till 8th grade?

12. The Ugly Truth

Abby is a TV producer who finds Mike offensive, because of the assumptions he has about relationships. Things are about to change when Mike proves his theories to Abby by finding her a boyfriend.

11. Playing It Cool

This movie has Chris Evens who has to write a rom-com script but he’s having a hard time writing about it because he doesn’t wanna be in love. But he finally finds a girl who he really likes. But the thing is that she has a boyfriend but she let him be her friend. The question here is, Can he able to be just friends with her?

10. No Strings Attached

Adam and Emma have known each other a long time but one day they both agreed to have sex without any strings attached. I mean this is a sex-only relationship without any emotions or complications. But, Can they able to do this without falling in love?

9. The Holiday

Amanda is dumbed and Iris is depressed. So these women swap houses for the holidays. Iris swaps her house in England for a California mansion. Now, what will they gonna do when they meet local guys in England and the US?

8. Made of Honor

Tom and Hannah are best friends. Tom is not basically a relationship material kind of guy. He just hooks up with tons of women but when he starts to think that he’s in love with Hannah, she’s engaged and asks Tom to be her maid of honor.

7. What If (aka The F Word)

Wallace decides to give up on love but when he meets Chantry, he decides not to. But Chantry has a boyfriend so she and Wallace are decided to be friends. But the important question here is that what if your friend is also the love of your life?

6. The Proposal

To avoid deportation to Canada, Margret forces her assistant Andrew to marry her. Andrew somehow agrees to it and they fly to Alaska to meet his parents where they face Andrew’s family as a couple.

5. A Lot Like Love

Oliver and Emily met at an airport and they had an instant connection but decided to go separate ways. But eventually, they meet several times over the years and become best friends. They had the best chemistry which leads to maybe more than friendship.

4. Serendipity

 Sara and Jonathan meet at a store where they felt a real connection but Sara wasn’t sure if their love was meant to be. So after many years, fate decides to do some magic tricks on them.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

Bianca can’t go on a date until her older sister Kat has a boyfriend. Cameron on the other hand has a crush on Bianca. So In order to date Bianca, Cameron pays Patrick to make Kat fall in love with him! Well, can bad boy Patrick win Kat’s heart?

2. Leap Year

Anna goes to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy on February 29th. Cause according to Irish tradition, women can propose to a man on a leap day. When she lands somewhere in Ireland because of a storm, Declan helps Anna to reach Dublin. Well, will she able to propose to Jermey on time? that’s what you gotta watch and find out.

1. Love, Rosie

Alex Stewart and Rosie Dunne are best friends since they’re 5 years old. Then Alex moves to Boston and Rosie stays in London. They both make a lot of mistakes when it comes to love and relationships. Now the question here is “can their friendship survives miles and years?” and “Will they able to gamble everything in the name of true love?”

If some movies are not available in your region, try to check out YouTube movies, most of the movies are available here too. Amazon Prime has more movies to watch in an effective way.