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Top 10 Underrated rom coms which are Amazing

Hey guys, some great rom coms didn’t get much attention it deserved. Here I’m gonna list down some of the best rom com movies which are really underrated. If you haven’t watched any of these films, I recommend watching these rom coms. I bet you’ll love it!

Underrated rom coms coming up!

When it comes to rom coms, these are some of the gems which are hidden! You found it now so go watch them and have a good one. xD

10. Obvious Child

Here in this movie, Donna is dumbed by her boyfriend and leaves her. Poor Donna is depressed for days and when she finally decided to come out and there she meets Max and the night turns out to be a one-night stand, which makes her pregnant. Donna finds that out weeks later and she wanna tell Max about that but she doesn’t know how! and when every time Max comes around, she pushes him away. But one day she confesses that she’s pregnant in her comedy club and Max is also there! At first, Max is pissed but he’s in love with her so he can’t be pissed all the time so he shows up days later and everything is fine afterward.


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9. Sleeping With Other People

Laney and Jake meet 12 years later after their one night stand at college. They both are really not good with relationships and after they run into each other, they go on a date and decided to be friends and they have to maintain a platonic relationship between them. They hang out more often and become best friends. But eventually, they figure out they actually have feelings for each other. This one of the stories where best friends fall for each other!

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8. A Lot like Love

Oliver and Emily meet at an airport and there’s some instant connection there. They’re both headed to New York and surprisingly they hook up on the plane and they spend some time together in New York. But unfortunately, they have to go separate ways and three years later fate brings them both together and they literally spend the night and next day Oliver leaves for San Francisco. But eventually, they become best friends. Every time, one of them wants more than friendship, the other stays strong as friends. Now they have to figure out if they’re meant to be together as a couple!

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7. The Decoy Bride

On a remote Scottish island of Hegg, James Arber and Lara Tyler are pretty famous and planning to get married in Hegg, to avoid media and don’t want people to know. And Katie is the only unmarried woman on Hegg. She is then hired to be a decoy bride to distract the Paparazzi. But unfortunately, Katie and James end up getting married and Lara hides in a place where she thought of avoiding the crowd. As the movie goes on, James eventually falls in love with Katie, the decoy pride obviously.

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6. What If (The F Word)

It is a story of a medical school dropout Wallace, who had pretty bad relationships in his past love life. So he decided to put his love life on hold for a while but then he meets Chantry who lives with her long-time boyfriend. But when they meet, they form an instant connection between them. They said they’re gonna be best friends but they couldn’t deny the chemistry between them. The things they did when they try to be friends are so fun to watch. Then, in the end, they made us wonder What If the love of your life is actually your Best Friend??? I love this kinda tropes.

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5. Playing It Cool

This is also one of those movies where a beautiful relationship starts with friendship. Well, here in this movie Chris Evans doesn’t believe in love but he has to write a rom-com. One day, he meets Michelle Monaghan in a charity event and Chris fell for her instantly but Michelle already has a boyfriend. Then they meet again after some time and they become friends. But according to Chris’s friends, men and women can not be friends. Then they both hook up one day but Michelle still wants no relationship with Chris and She got engaged with her boyfriend but she is not in love with him. In the end, On her wedding day, she couldn’t marry him and of course, it’s a rom-com, so Chris shows up and proposes to her in the end. It’s one of the best proposals in rom-com movies in my opinion.

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4. The Big Sick

Kumail is a Pakistani who meets Emily in one of his comedy shows. Then they start to date and their relationship grows. On the other hand, Kumail’s traditional Pakistani Muslim parents searching for a girl for Kumail for an arranged marriage. Kumail starts to worry about what will his parents think of Emily. One day Emily gets ill and goes into a medically induced coma. Kumail goes to the hospital to see her where he bonds up with her parents. And spoiler alert, she’ll be all right!

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3. Leap Year

Well, why do boys always have to propose right? so here in this movie, Anna decides to go to Dublin to propose to Jeremey on leap day, because according to Irish tradition, a woman can propose to a man on a leap day. On her way to Dublin, she lands in a local village in Irland due to bad weather. Then Declan agrees to take her to Dublin. On her way to Dublin, she realizes that she’s not in love with Jeremy but with Declan.

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2. About Time

After a new year party, Tim discovers that the men in his family can travel in time. He doesn’t have a girlfriend so what he wanna do is to get a girlfriend. So he goes to London and meets Mary. With his time travel abilities, he wins her heart in some tricky ways. After some time travel incident, Marry thinks she never met him at all. So this time he wins her heart again and proposes to her without any time travel tricks. Then, he figures out that time travel ability can’t hold him from problems of ordinary life.

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1. Love, Rosie

A Rom-com list can’t be completed without Love, Rosie. This is my favorite movie in the whole world. Here, Alex and Rosie are best friends from 5th grade. Alex leaves for Boston and Rosie stays in England with some pregnancy problems. They go through relationships and breakups and more. They make bad decisions throughout times, being in love with the wrong people, and keep missing each other. After a lot of mess, they realize they’re actually made for each other. A cute love story with some twists in between. It’s a must-watch in my opinion. You won’t regret it, I promise. I could tell you more about it but I don’t wanna spoil much! So you guys go check that out!

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That’s it, guys! Go watch whatever movie you wanna watch first! Xo.

Here’s my YouTube channel’s underrated rom coms video where I listed these movies with videos. If you have a favorite, go comment on this video.