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Top 10 Romantic Action Movies to spice things up

Well, maybe you like to watch romance movies or maybe you like action movies. What if both are in the same movie? Well, that’s be awesome right? Don’t worry, here I have the best romance movies with some or more action in them. So watch these movies to spice things up in your relationship or add this to your watchlist cause these movies are so so amazing! Shall well look at these romantic action comedy movies! Hell yeah…

10. This Means War (2012)

This movie is about two CIA agents falling for one girl. FDR and Tuck are best friends and eventually, they both meet Lauran, and she likes both of them and she couldn’t decide on one. When FDR and Tuck find out they both dating the same girl, they agreed to let her choose without giving up. Even though they agreed on that, they try everything in their power to ruin each other’s dates with her. Well, on this battle of winning her love, who would Lauran choose? Watch the movie and find out cause I don’t wanna spoil it.

9. Mr. Right (2015)

Martha is going through a break up when she meets Mr. Right. His real name is Francis and he’s a former hitman and now he’s killing the people who hire him instead of the real targets. However, between all that, he actually likes Martha very much. And when Martha finds out the truth about him, they both deal with the people after him and also their love life.

8. Date Night (2010)

Phil Foster and Clair Foster are married for several years and they think their marriage is failing and boring. So they decided to go on a date to spice it up. They go to a fancy restaurant in Manhatten but the restaurant is full so Phil decides to steal a reservation from a couple who doesn’t show up. Then two men show up and ask for a pen drive thinking that Phil and Clair as the Triplehorns. But Phil and Clair have no idea who they are. Now their romantic night turns into a dangerous night of their lives. And I think they’ll never steal a reservation ever again in their entire life. And make sure you won’t die of laughter, watching this movie.

7. Knight and Day (2010)

Roy and June meet at Kansas Airport on their way to Boston. June finds him attractive but what she doesn’t know is that Roy is a secret agent. Everyone on the plane is dead except Roy and June, Roy killed all of them. The caption is also dead so they land on a cornfield. After this, there are more fights, traveling to different places and car chases involved. June has no idea about Roy and she’ll finally figure it out later in this movie. After all, June has to figure out if Roy is one of the good guys, and could he be the one to win her heart?

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6. The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

This movie is a bit complicated. There are people from a place called the Adjustment Bureau controls people and monitor them if they’re living according to some kind of plan which is planed by their chairman. A politician David instantly has a crush on Elise when he first meets her. Then they meet again on a bus and they’re both attracted to each other. But the thing is they can’t be together according to the plan of the Adjustment Bureau. So the mysterious men try everything to keep them apart. Now David has to decide either he should let her go or face fate and risk everything to be with her!

5. The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Milo is a bounty hunter who’s next target is his reporter ex-wife Nicole. Well, he thought it’d be an easy 5 grand for Nicole but it turns out that she’s involved in a murder cover-up. He chases her down and brings her back to the police station. But in between that, they’re chased by some thugs and they’re running for their lives because of that murder cover-up. This adventure brings back memories between Milo and Nicole. Now the question is, will they make it alive?

4. The Tourist (2010)

I gotta say that this movie has one of the best-twisted endings I’ve ever seen in movies. Johnny Depp literally nailed it. In this story, Frank is an American tourist who’s visiting Italy to heal from heartbreak. On the other hand, Elise is in love with Alexander Pierce who owes 744 million in taxes and also stole 2.3 billion dollars from a mobster. Now Elise meets Frank on a train to Venice and she’s using Frank as a decoy of Pierce, making the police believe that he’s actually her lover. After being chased and some adventure, Elise is trying to protect Frank and tells him to go home, but Frank says that’s he’s in love with her. Now in between all the action and adventure, Elise has to choose between Frank and Pierce. Whom would it be?

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

This is the second time, Angelina Jolie shows up in this video, but this time with Brad Pitt. John Smith and Jane Smith are married for years and they live a happy normal life. But the only thing they both don’t know about is that they’re assassins working in contract killing agencies. And when they both require to kill each other by their agencies, they both learn and go through fights and more. But can they able to kill each other?

2. True Romance (1993)

How can this list complete without a good old romantic crime movie? This movie starts in the city of Detroit, Clarence is watching a movie where he meets Alabama and the night turns out to be a one night stand. Cause Alabama confesses later that she’s a call girl who’s hired to be with him and she’s also fallen in love, and they get married the next day. When Clarence goes to a club where Alabama worked, to bring back some of her clothes, he ended up killing her pimp. Instead of the clothes, he comes home with the wrong suitcase with a lot of cocaine in it. Then comes the chasing and selling and getting-rich part.

1. Allied (2016)

This story is happening in World War 2. Max and Marianne are on a secret mission in Casablanca. Mat is Canadian and Marrianne is a French resistance fighter. In Casablanca, they both act like a couple to finish off a deadly mission on the enemy territory. After that, they’re both get married in London and have a baby named Anna, she’s born in between the bombing raids. And one day, Marianne is suspected of being a German spy. Max is shocked and he needs to prove that his wife is innocent. This movie shows how far you can go in your life for the people you love!

I hope you liked this list of Action Romance movies. Add them to your watchlist or watch right away. I’d recommend you to watch right away lol. Have a good one guys!

If some movies are not available in your region, try to check out YouTube movies, most of the movies are available here too. Amazon Prime has more movies to watch in an effective way.