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Top 10 Netflix Original Romance Movies

Nothing’s better than watching a movie with a bowl of snacks or with the person you love. In here we’re gonna look at the 10 best Netflix original romance movies. As all of you know that Netflix is one of the best and popular streaming platforms in the world. Literally, everyone is using Netflix nowadays, and it’s there for us when we need a good laugh, cry, or some romance. So today, we’re gonna see some of the best Netflix Original Romance movies that you can stream on Netflix right now. Well, there are a lot of movies available on Netflix but today we’re only gonna see the movies which are made by Netflix itself. And also the other movies might leave Netflix someday but the Netflix Originals are not gonna leave anytime soon. So, let’s start the list with number 10,

10. Let It Snow

This movie has everything. I mean it has 4 completely different love stories that will teach about love and heartbreaks. And also it’s a snowy Christmas-themed movie which is absolutely perfect. This movie is packed with a lot of lessons about life, friendship, and how you should not care about what people think, and more. Basically, it’s sooo good for a Netflix Original movie, so give it a watch. you’ll like it.

9. The Perfect Date

This movie is about a high school teenager named Brooks Rattigan. Brooks wants expensive things and also wants to go to Yale but couldn’t afford it. So he got this idea to be a fake date to people and make money from it. And also, he creates an app where he can be whatever type of guy a girl wants. But can he be able to keep doing this even after falling for someone? well, you guys have to figure that out.

8. When We First Met

Well, it’s kind of a fantasy romance movie. Noah and Avery meet at a Halloween party where Noah though he finally found his dream girl. But it turns out she’s gonna marry someone else in 3 years from now. So Nova decides to go back in time to fix things between them through a magical photo booth. But can he change his fate? Even if she’s not the one, can he love someone else? Watch the movie and find out!

7. Always Be My Maybe

Two childhood friends meet after 15 years with a pretty awkward expression. Well, Shasha is a famous chef and Marcus is a pretty ordinary guy but a pretty good singer. When they meet, the Memories are hitting back from 15 years ago between Shasha and Marcus, and they’re both wondering what if maybe they both give it one more chance. And then Keanu Reaves arrives as a plot twist in this movie which is pretty surprising.

6. Holidate

Holidate is basically “Holiday” plus “Date”, which means someone you’re dating for the holidays and nothing more. In this movie, Sloane and Jackson are agreed to be each other’s holidate for all the holidays throughout the year. It’s strictly a platonic relationship where they only meet as a couple on holidays. Well, the question here is, will this holidate thing work? what if someone catches feelings for the other person?

5. The Half of It

Ellie Chu, a shy teenage girl who used to write essays to make money, and one day, she agrees to write a letter about love for a guy in school. The guy is a jock who is in love with Aster. So Elle Chu is writing the letter to Aster and then figures out that they both have a lot in common. Now the story completely changes into a story about love and a beautiful friendship.

4. The Kissing Booth

Here, in this movie, Lee and Elle are best friends since they were kids. They have some set of friendship rules that they should never break in any situation, and one of them is Lee’s brother Noah who is totally off-limits. Elle secretly has a crush on Noah, and one day, at the kissing booth, Elle kissed Noah which leads her to break one of the rules. Now, what will happen when Lee finds out about this broken rule? And also in the 2nd part of this movie, there will be Marco some changes are happening in this movie.

3. All the Bright Places

In this Netflix romantic drama, Finch and Violet have their own problems which are already enough to break your heart. But after they meet, Finch convinces her to get out of her comfort zone and takes her to more places, where Violet understands that even the smallest places and memories can mean something. The movie goes on on the right path but suddenly things go south which will break your heart even more! So you might need some tissues for this one.

2. Set It Up

People say love comes in mysterious ways. Well, setting up people to fall in love is also one of the ways. In this movie, two assistants really need some break from their bosses by setting them up together. They somehow managed to bring love between these two miserable people. In this process of setting them up, these two assistants become best friends and maybe will become more than friends.

1. To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Lara Jean wrote five letters to all her crushes over time but never sent it to them. Until one day mysteriously the letters are out. One of them is Peter, but Lara kisses him to cover up the letter for Josh, who is the boyfriend of her sister. Lara and Peter pretend to be in a relationship cause Peter has other problems with his ex-girlfriend. But can they be able to pretend without falling? And also it has 2 more parts that add up more fun to it.

Thank you for reading. Hope you guys like these Netflix romance movies. Explore our site for more movie recommendations.

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