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Maximize Your SELF-LOVE

Hey guys, here are some short notes about self-love. Read furthermore to learn about you.

What is SELF-LOVE?

Self-love is key to your success. You may be stuck in your past or any broken relationship or whatever failure it was, but now all you do is “LOVE” it is not about “I LOVE YOU” it’s all about “I LOVE ME”. It is your life, just remove the mask you were out there, and get to know who you are underneath. Be vulnerable enough to accept your flaws and know that they are what make you human. Be confident enough to accept and cherish your strengths and power. Do not hide or minimize them, they are your beautiful gifts to share with the world. Be brave enough to say that you are not belonging to anyone, you are just belonging to you.


How to love YOUR SELF?

There are some following steps to love yourself,

“First you have to love yourself,before anybody else can love you.”

=> The most important thing is to be your physical health, you need to give good feeling for your body, exercise regularly, eat healthily, drink enough water, get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights.

=>Do not hate you because of your flaws, anybody can make mistakes, so speak kindly to yourself. Do not cut yourself down. Overcome the mistake you did before and give promise to yourself to be good all the time.

=>Know your power, know your strength, know your value and know who you are. You can not do anything if you don’t even know anything about you. Our strengths are our tremendous gift, focusing on your strength that will make your way so clear.

=>You have the power to forgive yourself for hurting the same you. And be with the people who treat you with positive thoughts and kindness.


Ask questions to YOURSELF

There are some journal prompts for self-discovery,

1.What are my daily habits?

2.What are my Favorited quotes?

3.What are my strengths?

4.What am i passionate about?

5.What are my weakness?

6.What am i afraid of?

7.What do i love about myself?

8.What am i most proud of?

9.How do i take care of my self?

10.What are my goal?

ask these questions to yourself daily and you will know much better about you.

Start caring YOURSELF

Self-caring leads you into your own happy world.

There are some simple tips to care for yourself too well.

1.Eat healthy food and drink enough water.

2.Do meditation in every morning before you start your day.

3.Make a to-do list for the whole day.

4.Do what you love to do.

5.Always be positive and think positive .

6.Set a goal and take a step to achieve it.

7.In final get a peaceful sleep.

Lets remove the mask .Start your life.Its already too late.

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