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5 Best Vacation(Travel) Based Rom Coms to Watch Right Now [Quarantine List]

It’s Travel Rom-Com movies. Wait! Travel Romance? Ha Ha, it’s kind of movies which are based on travel. These movies make you wanna go on a vacation or maybe bring back your memories, we hope. Here are the 5 best movies which we think is better to watch if you like travel kind of movies. These movies are so funny and the romance is soo perfect. What’s better than a rom-com right? Well let’s look at these movies, shall we?

5. Monte Carlo (2011)

Selena Gomez as Grace and Katie Cassidy as Emma work as a waitress to earn money to go to Paris. But with the help of her mother and stepdad, they make it to Paris with Meg (Leighton Meester). When they arrived in Paris, they get some low-level accommodation and all. When they’re visiting the Effie tower, they missed the bus. Then they go to a hotel to dry them off because of the rain. There they meet Cordelia (Another Selena), who exactly looks like Grace. Cordelia is rich and Grace acts as Cordelia then goes to Monte Carlo pretending to be Cordelia where Grace meets a guy and falls in love. 

4. Just Go With It (2011)

Danny (Adam Sandler) who pretends to be married to get with girls. But when he finally meets his dream girl after all the drama, she found out the wedding ring in his pocket but he tells her he’s getting a divorce and She (Brooklyn Decker) wants to meet her. Danny then asks his assistant Kathrine (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend like they’re married. Then they go on a trip to Hawaii when he falls in love with his assistant Kathrine instead of his dream girl. It’s Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston guys, you’ll never forget to laugh.

3. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Elizabeth Gilbert (Julia Roberts) has everything but she feels lost inside. So newly divorced Elizabeth wants to figure out her true self. So she decided to go on a journey around the world for one year. She goes to Italy, India, and Bali for one year. Finally, she figures out after visiting Bali. 

2. Blended (2014)

Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) meets on a blind date, which is not so good. They decided to never meet each other again. But on a trip to African Safari vacation, they find themselves with their kids. Things start to change when they’re there. They start to have feelings for each other in the end and the funny moments are unbeatable!

1. The Holiday (2006)

Amanda (Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) are not so happy with their relationships so they swap homes for the holidays. Iris goes to LA and meets Miles (Jack Black) and they get to know each other and fall in love. Whereas in England, Amanda meets Iris’s brother and falls in love with him. Don’t wanna spoil it. Go watch it guys. It’s super good!!

If some movies are not available in your region, try to check out YouTube movies, most of the movies are available here too. Amazon Prime has more movies to watch in an effective way. 

We included our video for a better understanding. Go watch it. Stay safe guys. Love you! Peace out!!!

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