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5 Best Self-love Movies to watch to Boost your Self-Esteem

Self-love is a very important thing one should have. Have you ever feel insecure about your body and the jealousy in a relationship and about all the things you do? Well, that’s not good for you and you’ll end up worrying a lot. Well, to help boost your self-esteem, you need some kind of motivation right? I got you dear! Here are some of the best rom com and drama movies to watch which will help you to ace your self-love. These movies will help you figure out things about life and so on. Anyway, let’s have a look at these movies, shall we???

5. Isn't It Romantic (2019)

Well, it’s kind of a fantasy rom-com where Natalie works in a job that treats her like trash. Then one day when Natalie gets knocked down on a subway, some weird magical thing happens and she wakes up as the same person but in a different place and the people see herself as a beauty queen, and also she’s also kinda rich now. Everyone starts to love her. Then she figures things out a lot when she didn’t notice before the incident.

4. Eighth Grade (2018)

Well, As you can probably tell from the title, This film states how an eighth-grader goes through middle school. This movie portraits how Kayla goes through her last week of middle school. And Kayla has a motivational YouTube channel, like me. She’s motivating people on YouTube but in real life, she’s not the person she claims to be. Then this movie shows how a typical 13 years old goes through in her school life and how you should not give a damn about things that you don’t wanna do.

3. Penelope (2007)

It’s a fantasy romance movie where Penelope was born with the nose of a Pig. In order to break the curse, she has to find one true love who accepts her as she is. But she got rejected by every single bachelor in her area. Then one day she meets Johnny who’s hired by Vanderman to take a picture of her. But Johnny falls for her sweetness and doesn’t wanna give the picture to Vanderman. Then Penelope goes out to the city and shows herself to the world and then what happens next is what you’ll see in the movie! I won’t spoil it.

2. I Feel Pretty (2018)

This movie is super funny and also describes how much self-love matters. Renee lacks self-esteem and wants to be pretty and one day when she wakes up from a fall, she thinks of herself as the most beautiful girl in the world. But in reality, she’s the same person as she was before. But, with this new confidence, she lives her life without any fear and lack of self-esteem. Since this movie is second on this list, you know it is good.

1. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Elizabeth Gilbert has everything but she feels lost inside. So a newly divorced Elizabeth wants to figure out her true self. So she decided to go on a journey around the world for one year. She decides to go to Italy, India, and Bali for one year. In Italy, Food, In India, Pray and in Bali, Love and peace. This movie will teach you how you can find yourself and start living accordingly.

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