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10 Sad Romance Movies that will make You Cry [List 2]

Life is not fair all the time. There are heartbreaks and sadness also included in life. Well in this post I included 10 sad movies which show how sad life could be. These sad romance movies will make you cry even though you don’t want to. Watch these sad romance movies in case if you need to cry or wanna let your tears out. This is the second list on this topic. I’ve posted list one already on this website! Check that out for the most heartbreaking sad movies.

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10: Blue Valentine

If you don’t take care of things, eventually they’ll fade away. Here in this movie, Dean and Cindy are so in love when they first met. And after being in love, they were married and they had a baby too. But after several years of marriage, they don’t feel the spark between them anymore! Their love just fades away and that leaves us to figure out that love is hard sometimes and we have to take care of things so that they’ll last!

9. Dear John

It’s a movie based on a novel by Nicolas Sparks. In this movie, John is a soldier who meets Savanah while he was visiting his dad in South Carolina. They spend two weeks together and they build a beautiful relationship in that short period of time. Now John has to leave Savanah to serve the US Army. They communicate together only through letters and they barely meet in person. John is away for like seven years and now they have to figure things out!

8. La La Land

Mia has a passion for acting and Sebastian has a passion for jazz. Mia is impressed by his skills and after they meet for the third time, they fell in love. With ups and downs in life, they had each other. But he’s not earning much by playing at a club, so he signs a contract which he’s not passionate about. But Mia doesn’t like this version of Sebastian and Mia gets into acting and they get separated for five years and they meet again in a club with a logo Mia designed.

7. Call Me By Your Name

It’s a movie set in the summer of 1983 in Italy. Oliver joins as an intern to Elio’s father and they wander around places together and explore things out. As time goes by, things get complicated between Elio and Oliver, and eventually, they found a romance. The ending makes us wonder, what happened to Elio and Oliver in 1983? Watch the movie and find out!

6. Remember Me

This movie shows how unpredictable life could be. Tyler had a strained relationship with his father. And, one day he meets Ally and they fell in love. With her love, she heals him from things he doesn’t have control with. After everything gets in the right direction with his father and Ally, the end teaches us that life is so unpredictable!

5. P.S I Love You

Gerry and Holly are married and they’re so in love with each other! One day, Gerry dies of a brain tumor and it broke Holly and she couldn’t live without him. On her 30th birthday, she receives a cake from Gerry with a letter ending in P.S I love you. As the movie goes by, she receives more letters from him which Gerry arranged before he died. These letters help Holly to move on and find hopes in life and in love!

4. The Notebook

The movie starts with, Duke reads a romance story to a memory loss dementia patient. In the 1940s, Noah and Allie meet at a carnival, and they fall in love with each other. But their parents don’t like them being together because Noah is from another social class, so they got separated. After some years, Allie got engaged to someone and Noah is returned from war. And Allie meets Noah one day and decides who she should be with.

3. One Day

Emma Morley and Dexter meet on July 15th, 1988. They form a beautiful friendship between them and they decided to meet every year on July 15 no matter what. Together and apart, they go through fights, laughter, and tears. After 18 years, they finally feel that they should be together. This movie shows a long-term friendship turned into Love. And whatever happens tomorrow, we’ve had today.

2. I Still Believe

It is a real-life story of a Christian music star Jeremy Camp. Jeremy meets Melissa for the first time in his music school in California. They fell madly in love with each other and Jeremy becomes a great singer. And one day, they had a fight and they broke up so Jeremy spends Christmas with his parents in Indiana. During the time, he received a call from the hospital. This movie proves that there’s always hope.

1. If Only

You have to tell the person you love, how much you love them. In this movie, Ian and Samantha are in love. And one day, Samantha dies in a car accident. Broken-hearted Ian finds her notebook and falls asleep reading it. When he wakes up, Sam is right next to him, everything seems like a dream. Ian spends the whole day with Sam and lets her know that he loves her. This movie will teach you to appreciate the people you love and the ones who love you.

I hope you find it helpful. For more sad romance movies than this: Click here for List 1

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