10 Best Teen TV Shows to Watch Right NOW

10 Best Teen TV Shows to Watch Right NOW

TV Shows/ Web Series! We can watch them all over again and again (if more episodes available lol) These are really popular among people nowadays. And when it comes to teen TV shows, They’re really full of romance and mystery and heartbreaks and so on. So why don’t we look at the best TV shows available to watch right now!

10. The Society

With all of the adults of the town gone just after the high school student’s return from the camping trip, the teens try to figure out what might’ve happened to them and to survive by stick together and form alliances.

9. 13 Reasons Why

This drama series shows the story of Hannah who commits suicide because of 13 reasons. She made tapes to explain them. Two weeks after her death, her classmate, Clay, who had a crush on Hannah finds the tapes in a mysterious box and figures out how why she did what she did!

8. Outer Banks

Outer Banks, Paradise on earth. John B, who lives in the Outer Banks and his father disappears after searching for a treasure. So John B and his friends go hunting for a great treasure which worth 400 Million dollars.

7. Never Have I Ever

It is a coming of age comedy-drama Tv series. Devi is an Indian-American who tries to make a good status among school students and society but her feelings, family & friends stop her by doing that.

6. The Vampire Diaries

It’s a story of Elena Gilbert, who lost her parents in a car accident. After she goes back to high school, she meets Stefen and she falls for him instantly but what she doesn’t know is that he is a vampire. Then his brother Damon also shows up in Mystic Falls. Elena finds out about them and there are lots of people and vampires come and go through the seasons. P.S Damon also falls in love with Elena.

5. Sex Education

Otis is not that expert in lovemaking but he is so good at guidance. He lives with his mom who is a sex therapist. To improve his status at school, Otis team up with Meave to solve his classmate’s sexual problems. But he finds out that he also needs some therapy to clear some of his own problems.

4. Teen Wolf

Scott McCall, who turned into a werewolf by a bite from a mysterious animal in the woods. This makes him stronger but he couldn’t control the urges so he gets help from other werewolves. And He falls for Allison who’s family is known for hunting werewolves.

3. On My Block

It’s kind of a comedy-drama series where a group of friends who are entering high school. They experience the pain and everything on their way through high school and their friendships are texted in many ways and so on.

2. Euphoria

This is mainly about a 17-year-old girl Rue, a drug addict who tries to stay clean but she couldn’t. She starts a friendship with Jules who tries to figure out where she belongs. Besides that, this show is about teens who try to figure out themselves and about their past and anger issues and so on. Trust me it’s one hell of a series.

1. Elite

It is a Spanish teenage drama series. This is about three poor students joins in a private school in Spain. With their arrival, a murder happens and they figure out who could’ve done it. It’s about love, mystery, and pain and mistakes you make when you’re a teen.

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