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10 Best Comedy Movies that you’ll make you LOL

Having a bad day? Don’t worry I got you. Hey guys, here’s the list of comedy movies that will make you laugh hard as hell. These movies will make your bad day into a bright and happy one and simply put, these are the go-to movies when you need to smile and forget about the world. Let’s have a look at these movies, shall we??

10. Neighbors 1 & 2

Well, in this movie, the concept is simple. It’s all about neighbors and how annoying they can be. Kelly and Mac move into a new place with their baby. And one day, A fraternity moves in next door where Teddy is the President. Mac and Kelly are tryna be cool and they get along well with those guys. Everything seems fine until one day, Mac and Kelly called the cops on them. Here starts the war between these two neighbors and those fights will make you laugh like crazy. And also in the second part, instead of boys, there’s a girl sorority that moves in next door.

9. Borat

Borat is from Kazakhstan and he’s sent to America to make a documentary about it. This documentary is about America being the greatest country in the world. Borat takes a course in New York City to learn about the US. Then he decided to go on a road trip to California to meet someone special. On his way to California and throughout the movie, Borat makes sure we laugh as much as we can.

8. Grown Ups

In this hilarious story, five men used to play basketball together. And they’re meeting each other after 30 years for their coach’s funeral. And it is the fourth of July weekend. everyone is in different phases of their lives. Lenny is married and has 3 kids. Marcus is alone and Erick has no job. Rob has 3 daughters and Kurt is a househusband. Now they’re spending this weekend and just simply spending their time together will make you laugh more and more. I mean come on guys, those are some of the best actors in the comedy movie industry.

7. We're the Millers

Well, David is a small drug dealer, and he loses his money when he’s trying to help a kid out. Now he has to pay the money back so he takes a massive risk here. And he needs help from Rose, Rose is a striper and they are both neighbors and she’s also in need of money so desperately, they are both agreed to go to Mexico to smuggle drugs with their fake children Casey and Kenny. Does it sound so serious? But actually, it is not. Their fake family thing makes things so hilarious and you’ll never forget to laugh here.

6. The Other Guys

In this action-comedy, There are two cops who are rocking New York City… But this movie is not about them. There are two Other guys who always do the paperwork. Terry and Allen are The Other Guys. They don’t go out there and they only do the paperwork. But when they decided to do an investigation on a big case, things don’t get serious but funnier.

5. Wedding Crashers

This movie has a great comedy with also romance in it. In this rom-com, John and Jermy are the wedding crashers. They used to crash weddings to get into bed with women. Their plans are going so smoothly and one day they’re going to a wedding where John meets Claire and Jermy meets Gloria. Well, can you able to sleep with people all the time? What if you meet someone who’ll make you change that? Watch the movie and find out the rest.

4. 40-Year-Old Virgin

This is also a rom-com with a major plot of comedy. Andy is a single 40-year-old guy who always plays video games and he’s a virgin. So his friends push him to lose his virginity. They help him with a lot of things like making him look better and how to talk to women which will leave you in tears of laughter. But does he have to lose his virginity, just because he’s forty? Will he able to find the one or those will be just some hookups?

3. Superbad

In this movie, Seth and Even are best friends and they’re both in the last weeks of high school. Now they’re both got invited to a party so they’re collecting alcohol to spice things up and also trying to get into someone’s pants before they leave for college. So in order to impress Jules and Becca, these friends makeup lies and try to be cool, and do things that will make you guys do crazy laughs. You’ll never regret it I promise.

2. The Hangover

When it comes to a comedy movies list, The Hangover must be in it cause it’s funny as hell. There are three friends and one of them is getting married so they’re going to Los Vegas for a bachelor party with Alen, who’s the brother of the bride. Four of these guys are having the best day of their lives in Los Vegas and wake up the next day without remembering a thing. And the groom is missing and they have to return to Los Angeles for the wedding. Will they make it in time or what? Watch the movie and find out without forgetting to laugh!

1. Deadpool

I bet a lot of you watched this movie before, if you haven’t, make sure you watch this movie right now. I chose this movie to be number one for 2 reasons. One, this movie is hilarious and two, it has a subplot of romance in it. This is a superhero movie where Ryan Reynolds acts as Deadpool. He moves the movie so smoothly with his jokes and hilarious acts and stunts. Ajax turns Wade into Deadpool and with his powers and sense of humor, you’ll never find it boring and I bet your stomach will hurt laughing at this. Also, Wade meets Venasa who’ll change his life forever. 

Thank you for reading. Hope you guys like these hilarious comedy movies. Explore our site for more movie recommendations.