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10 Best Bad Boy & Good Girl Romance Movies

Well, bad boys are bad until someone special walks into their life. Hey guys, today we’re gonna look at the top 10 bad boy/good girl romance movies. This is one of the best types of romance movies where a bad boy falls in love with a good girl and changes into a completely different person in a good way. As we all know that most girls love bad boys and these movies are the ones with the best bad boy/good girl vibe. I bet you’ll fall in love with these movies and the characters in them. And these are the good old romance movies and I wish people make movies like these nowadays but they don’t! So, let’s go into the movies

10. Reality Bites

Well here in this movie, Lelaina and Troy are best friends. Lelaina makes a documentary about the life and wants to make a career in filmmaking. On the other hand, Troy is a musician who has zero responsibilities and no job. Troy is mean and always goes out with random girls but Lelaina is the complete opposite of him. One day, Lelaina meets a guy named Micheal who helps her documentary go viral and maybe agrees to go out with him, I mean maybe. Now for Troy, there comes jealousy and wanting to change and be a better person and that’s all for one person. And also, it’s kind of friends who fall for each other type of movie which is just a perfect watch.

9. The Spectacular Now

In this movie, Shutter lives in the present, he has a good job, a beautiful girlfriend and he’s a complete party animal. Although he’s enjoying his life, he has no plans for the future, he just lives in the delusion of a present spectacular now. One day he got dumped by his girlfriend, then he meets Aimee who’s a super nice girl. And she planned everything about what she’s gonna do in the future. Then they both start hanging out which leads to a change of things.

8. Cry Baby

Well, this movie is set in the 1950s. In this musical romance movie, Cry Baby Walker is a bad boy who rides motorcycles and is a juvenile delinquent. On the other hand, Allison is from a completely different background and a very good girl. But Allison wants to be bad and be with Cry Baby. And when they both start going out they have to face a lot of issues on the way. Will they make it? Watch the movie and find out.

7. Keith

In this cute high school romance movie, Natalie is one of the popular girls in school who got everything planned out for college. And also she’s doing good in school until one day Keith arrives as a lab partner. Keith has no good intentions but to play with her. Even though Natalie tries to get rid of him, she just couldn’t. And with his annoyingly sweet ways, they both become friends over time. Well, this friendship turns into something more of a beautiful love story. Well, if you’re running out of tissues, make sure you get some while watching this movie.

6. Cruel Intentions

In Cruel Intentions, there are two seductive and manipulative step-siblings who always get what they want. Sabastian is almost got tired of sleeping with random girls but the only girl he can’t have is his stepsister. One day, Kathryn makes a bet that if Sabastian can get into Annette’s pants, he gets to sleep with her. Annette is the daughter of the headmaster who wants to do it with someone special to whom she can get married to. When Sabastian wants to get to know Annette, things change. Now the questions are who gets to sleep with who and can Sabastian change for his bet? Watch it and find out!

5. Dirty Dancing

In this good old romance movie, Baby is a good daddy’s girl from a wealthy family and everyone expect her to go to college and marry a doctor, blah blah blah! And when she spends the summer vacation on a resort, the unexpected thing happens. She immediately has a crush on the bad boy Johnny who is the dance instructor at their camp. And when Baby joins as Johnny’s dance partner, he teaches her his dance moves, and eventually, they fall in love. But can they be able to maintain the relationship in spite of their social differences? Most importantly Baby’s father, who totally opposes their relationship.

4. Three Steps Above Heaven

Well, this movie is filmed in the beautiful city of Barcelona, which means it’s in Spanish so you have to watch it with subtitles if you don’t know Spanish. Hache and Babi are from completely different worlds. H is a rebellious, reckless guy with violent behavior, but on the other hand, Babi is a good girl from a decent family. Babi didn’t like him at first but somehow H makes her fall in love with him with his bad-boy moves. Now they both discover their epic first love and they’re so in love with each other. But when it comes to reality, can they be able to love each other till the end? It also has a second part which makes this movie more satisfying.

3. Grease

In this musical classic romance movie, bad boy and a greaser Danny and the good girl Sandy are vacationing in Australia and they developed a romantic connection. When the summer is over, they thought they’ll never see each other again. But under some unfortunate circumstances, they end up going to the same school. But Danny is different now and Sandy is so in love with him. And what will happen next! Can’t tell ya!

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

In 10 things hate about you, Cameron arrives as a new student who falls for Bianca. But Bianca’s father’s rule is she can’t go on a date until her older sister Kat has a date too. Kat is good at everything but in relationships. Now in order to date Bianca, Cameron must find a way to make Kat agrees to go on a date with someone. Well here comes Patrick Verona who’s a bad boy and Cameron pays Patrick to make Kat fall in love with him! With his charming ways, can Patrick win Kat’s heart? And what about Cameron and Bianca? You must watch this movie if you haven’t already.

1. A Walk to Remember

In this masterpiece by Nicholas Sparks, Landon Carter is one of the popular guys in school. He always does the things which he’s not supposed to be doing and he’s a jock at school and clearly not good at studies. Now because of his activities, he has to participate in a school play so he asks Jamie for help. Jamie is the complete opposite of Carter, and Jamie somehow agrees to help him. Now Landon and Jamie spend more time together which leads to a beautiful relationship. And make sure you spend some tears while watching it. It’s Nicholas Sparks we’re talking about here.

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